Mali-US relations

Trade and Investment

“Mali is a model country where safety of investments is guaranteed within a stable political and social climate”

Historically, Mali has been a nation of trade and migration. For a long time, entrepreneurial spirit was largely reflected in trade and distribution. However, a new generation of business people active in all sectors is emerging. With liberalization and privatization of public enterprises, there is a great potential for Foreign Direct Investment.

Mali has strengthened its presence in the global economy because of a strong political will to mobilize national resources and attract foreign investment.

To get involved personally, the President has established the Presidential Council for Investment (CPI), which translates into reality his desire to make Mali a preferred destination for investment, both regionally and globally.

This advisory body, which is a forum of dialogue between the Government, domestic and foreign investors, and international institutions, aims at creating conditions conducive to investment.

The United States is one of the most dynamic trade partners. Mali and the United States share significant bilateral relations. For instance, the country is eligible for OPIC financing and insurance as well as for Exim Bank coverage on commercial loans.

Since 2002, Mali is eligible to African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA). In October 2005 the two countries signed an open skies agreement to spur trade, investment, tourism, and cultural exchange.

Although they have not reached their potential, trade relations between Mali and the United States have been expanding.