Mali-US relations

Presentation Of Credentials

Presentation Of Credentials

By His Excellency  AL Maamoun B. L.  KEITA

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

of the Republic of Mali

(The White House, Washington, D.C, Wednesday, 18 January 2012)

Ambassador keita presented his credentials to President Barack Obama on January 18, 2012.

In his written remarks, Ambassador Keita stressed the major importance that Mali attaches to the consolidation of the promising trends in Mali-US relations in order to move towards the establishment of a strategic partnership between the two Nations.

Ambassador Keita mentionned that, Obviously, there are a lot of bonds between Mali and the United States that date back for over Fifty years based on mutual respect and a wide range of areas of common interest and common concern.

He indicated that Mali holds the United States in high esteem as a strategic partner and, at this stage, common efforts are needed to render our partnership more effective and more focused.

Ambassador Keita highlighted that Mali and the United States subscribe to the same high ideals and principles ; those of peace, freedom, democracy and respect for human rights and the rule of law.

'' The work to come will also be a challenge. While globalisation has ushered in new opportunities, it has also brought us many challenges whose solutions require joint approaches. One of these is the scourge of international terrorism. The current threat of terrorism in African Sahel region is extremely high, and there is a danger that terrorists might exploit regional instabilities for recruitment and training and perpetrate attacks both within and beyond the region. Irregular migration, kidnapping threats, drug kidnapping threats and arms trafficking kidnapping threats threaten border security and pose challenges to all the States in the region. Here lies the challenge of today’s African Sahel region'', Ambassador Keita declared.

Ambassador Keita also insisted on the fact that '' The time is now for the Strategic Dialogue to realise our mutual priorities for peace and security ; for growth and development ; for combating climate change ; and for creating a society free of pandemics like HIV and AIDS, afflictions like violence, and conditions like poverty''.

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