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The Government’s General Secretariat:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation:
Ministry in Charge of Promoting Women, Children and Family:
Ministry of Finance:
Ministry of Agriculture:
Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries:
Ministry of Energy, Mining and Water:
Ministry of territorial Administration and local collectivity:
Ministry of Youth and Sports:
Ministry of handcraft and tourism:
Ministry of Malians abroad and African Integration:
Ministry of Culture:
Ministry of Justice:
Ministry of health:
Ministry for Education :
Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training:
Minister of Communication and New Technologies:
Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs:


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National Assembly (The Parliament):
Office of the General Auditor of Mali:
Commissariat in Charge of Food Security:
National Center for promoting investment:
National Center for the Promotion of Handicrafts:
Mali yellow Page:,


State-owned national daily “L'ESSOR”:
Malian portal - BamaNet -
Private Newspaper
Malikounda news:
Investment in zone Franc:
Kidal info:


Malian magic:
Malian architecture:
Malian Empire and Djenne Figures:
Under the Baobab:
City of Timbuktu:
Malian Office of Tourism and Accommodations:
Bamako in image:
Magazine of women:
Friends of Mali:
Virginia Friends of Mali:
Friends of Mali UK:
Yellow page of Mali:


National Directorate in charge of Trade and Competitiveness:
National Directorate of Statistics and Informatics:
National Directorate in charge of taxes:
National Directorate of Customs:
The World Bank:
The International Monetary Fund:
The Millennium Challenge Corporation:
Economy of Mali:
National Center for the Promotion of Investments:
Espace Economique Francophone:
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) :